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I started modeling about two years ago, mainly by chance, when asked by an amateur photographer friend.

I’ve been doing for many months mostly lingerie and Will be taken care of“fashion” stuff. One day I was offered a shoot, still with my clothes on, where I was going to be tied. Sort of artistic stuff. I said: sure, why not.

And something happened: I enjoyed it more than I would have ever thought.

I got a second assignment, then a third, then more, where I was posing tied, blindfolded, spanked, dominated and submissive in various ways.

Being taken care ofI am still in the process of discovering this sort of stuff – but the more I do, the more I enjoy it. So far, I have not tried this without a camera – I kinda prefer to do it when I am recorded.

So, more recently, a friend asked me if I wanted to share this exploration process with a larger audience, with a website focusing on me.

This allows me to shoot the very stuff that I like, and to do this regularly: so I accepted, and we are here.

Hot wax and ice on my body and pussyIn this club, I build my own fantasies and scenarios, and I live them in front of the camera. This is a big turn on for me. I hope it is a turn on for you, too.

If it is not, please punish me (but punish me hard, please).