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Spunky Bee is the name of a cute bisexual 18-year-old who happens to be the star of her very own website. I don`t know what made her parents decide to name her after an insect, but I suppose she`s lucky they didn`t name her Dung Beetle or something like that. It`s lucky for us, too, because we`d probably avoid a porn site called Spunky Dung Beetle and it would be a real shame to miss out on this cutie`s content.

When we first reviewed SpunkyBee`s website, it was still relatively new. Now it`s been around for a while and it looks like its star has been anything but a busy bee. She hasn`t updated in a while and there`s nothing to suggest that she has more material on the way. There are 29 videos and 28 sets of pictures to check out.

As I mentioned, Bee is bi and she proves that by fingering her female friends in some scenes and sucking cock and having her ass and pussy fucked in others. She also shows that she doesn`t need any help to get off, as several scenes have her taking herself to orgasm. I should note that in addition to being sexy, she`s often quite fun and playful, like when she goofs around with balloons for a bit before sliding a sex toy up her slit.

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Big_meaty_snack_for_me_on_26_Jun.wmv – 836.22 MB
Dangerous_police_woman_on_26_Jul.wmv – 488.47 MB
Do_you_like_my_boobs_on_16_Jun.wmv – 397.43 MB
Dreams_about_hot_guys_on_06_Jan.wmv – 622.31 MB
French_maid_at_your_service_on_16_Mar.wmv – 791.68 MB
Getting_ready_for_you_on_16_May.wmv – 524.54 MB
Girls_just_want_to_have_fun_on_26_Mar.wmv – 684.60 MB
Having_fun_while_testing_my_new_webcam_on_26_Jan.wmv – 613.19 MB
Hot_tub_for_my_pussy_on_16_Apr.wmv – 555.23 MB
I_m_going_to_be_an_artist_on_06_Mar.wmv – 683.30 MB
Juicy_orange___juicy_pussy_on_26_Feb.wmv – 782.89 MB
My_anal_party_on_06_Jun.wmv – 1.15 GB
My_favourite_fetish_on_26_May.wmv – 556.07 MB
My_hormones_go_crazy_on_16_Jul.wmv – 696.32 MB
My_naughty_snack_time_on_06_Jul.wmv – 507.73 MB
Naughty_play_all_night_long_on_06_Apr.wmv – 1018.18 MB
Sexy_bunny_rabbit_loves_carrot_on_06_May.wmv – 522.18 MB
SpunkyBee_on_04_Dec.wmv – 406.63 MB
SpunkyBee_on_14_Dec.wmv – 52.25 MB
SpunkyBee_on_16_Nov.wmv – 434.46 MB
SpunkyBee_on_24_Dec.wmv – 164.57 MB
SpunkyBee_on_28_Oct.wmv – 666.92 MB
SpunkyBee_on_28_Sep.wmv – 262.13 MB
Strawberry__cream___juice_on_16_Jan.wmv – 722.11 MB
Unexpected_discovery_on_26_Apr.wmv – 658.74 MB
Webcams_makes_me_feel_extra_frisky_on_06_Feb.wmv – 797.88 MB
Wild_Bee_in_the_ring_on_16_Feb.wmv – 792.69 MB

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