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Hart Kiki BTS – Behind the scenes footage of the Hart Kiki Shoot. their is lots of fucking and sucking to be had in the group party with a good double facial and tit fucking. [Boy/Girl, Brunette, BTS, Condom, Cumshot, Facial, Red Head, Threesome]

Andi and Sean part two – The action went on a lot longer than normal and everyone was getting seconds of both ladies. I think there were a total of five cumshots during this really wild shoot. [BBW, big tits, Blow Jobs, Boy/Girl, Brunette, Busty, Condom, Cumshot, Facial, First Time, Mature, Milf, MMF]

Christy Remastered – Christy called to say she was lost. When we finally found her she had really run out of gas so we put $5 in her tank and 45 minutes later she was doing this scene. She called us 14 times the next day wanting more work. We had a few lighting problems but the blow job scene is very hot. Yariana hit the pause button by mistake during Js cumshot and so he got to cum on her face two more times. This is a remastered version of the original analog footage which first aired 12/10/06 [Blonde, Blow Jobs, Busty, Cumshot, Facial, First Time, Mature, Milf]

Miya Sean BTS – Behind the scenes footage or the Miya Sean shoot. She is a sex addict who can’t get enough cock. She was happy to get fucked by two guys and get a nice facial. Good thing she had her eyes closed. [Brunette, BTS, Busty, Condom, Cumshot, Facial, Milf, MMF]

Envy Remastered – Envy is age 46 and this is her first time on video. Though she works full time and is not necessarily in need of money, her man is away and she was desperate to play. She is extremely shy and quiet so the scene started off slow but it eventually picked up speed when she relaxed. She really enjoyed Sean’s big cock This is a remastered version of the original that first aired 09/08/12 [Boy/Girl, Brunette, Condom, Cumshot, First Time, Mature, Milf]

Erika Returns – Erika is back and is working with Spades this time. She had a great time with him and his magic hands and large cock. Shes a squirter and prides herself on her cock sucking abilities and like to swallow cum. [big tits, Boy/Girl, Brunette, Busty, Mature, Milf, Squirting, Swallow]

Hunter Fetish Remastered – Hunter and Dan were very reserved on their first shoot. They were under the impression we only do “Vanilla” type shoots and did not want to get too wild. We invited them back to show us how they play when off camera with some of their gear. This is a remastered version which first aired 06/30/12 [bareback, Brunette, Couples, Mature, Milf]

Destini Returns BTS – Behind the scenes footage of the Destini Returns shoot. She described herself as someone who liked to please and she wasn’t exaggerating. We got down to more hot fucking and some really nice doggy style. She was even able to swallow a massive load and got ever drop. [Boy/Girl, BTS, Condom, Redhead, Swallow]

Sophie Remastered – Sophie has done a little nude modeling but this is her first time on video. She plans to do a little traveling this summer and wanted to make money for her traveling fund. She is very sensual and had a really good time with Spades. Spades came all over her nice ass. [Boy/Girl, Condom, Cumshot, First Time, Red Head] Roxanne – Roxanne is a nervous first timer who needed the money. She is fun loving and down to earth. Her full figure with big tits and a nice big ass were a lot of fun to play with. [BBW, big tits, Black, Boy/Girl, Brunette, Busty, First Time, Interracial]

Molly Remastered – This is Molly’s first time on video. As you have seen in the BTS footage, she is a little inexperienced with blow jobs and needed some instruction, but when it comes to sex she is a tigress! She is age 20, has a dynamic personality, and is absolutely adorable. This is a remastered version of the original which first aired 6/23/12 [Boy/Girl, Brunette, Condom, Cumshot, First Time]

Indie and Spades BTS – Behind the scenes footage of the Indie and Spades shoot. Her little brown body is so hot and loved having her G spot hit at just the right angle. She also got a messy facial at the end. [big tits, Boy/Girl, Brunette, BTS, Busty, Condom, Cumshot, Facial, Interracial]

Milo Remastered – Milo did this for financial reasons and was curious about doing a porn shoot. She is a bit shy and has a petite body. It was difficult for her to handle Spades size and she expressed pain periodically throughout the shoot. To avoid injuring her he held back physically. This is a remastered version or the original which first aired on 11/02/12 [Boy/Girl, Brunette, Condom, Cumshot, First Time]

Brandi – Brandi is a nervous first time milf who needed some money and this was on her bucket list. She hadnt been laid in months and really needed to get fucked. [Brunette, Condom, Cumshot, First Time, Hairy, Mature, Milf]

Isabelle Spades reunion bts – Behind the scenes footage of the Isabelle Spades reunion shoot. Isabelle was a bit early and so while we waited for Spades. I thought it would be a great time to have her suck my cock. she was cool with it and I ended up titty fucking her befor it was over and giving her a messy facial. [big tits, Boy/Girl, BTS, Busty, Cumshot]

Lilith Remastered – Lilith has done a little web cam but this is her first time on video. She is an exotic beauty with a very sweet personality and is comfortable with her sensuality. She needed the money and decided to do porn. Spades and her had a great time fucking and shot hit load all over her ass. This is a remastered version which first aired 07/07/12 [Boy/Girl, Brunette, Condom, Cumshot, First Time]

Luna Returns – Luna is back and this time she is working with Sean. She is getting more comfortable about fucking on film. She enjoyed his big cock and was happy to rub her pussy wile he fucked her. Sean planted a huge load on her pretty face. [Blonde, Boy/Girl, Condom, Cumshot, Facial]

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