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Tired of all the typical gonzo porn? Do you want to watch some Full HD movies from directors and performers with artistic vision beyond the sexual? High-quality hardcore action with high production values are what this site rather successfully strives for. Thanks to the work of directors like Erika Lust you`ll enjoy an elegantly titillating experience.

Hello and welcome to Lust Cinema!
Since founding my production company in 2005, I have pledged to create new waves in adult cinema, bringing you films that show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex. I am proud to say that in this endeavor, I have discovered a community of many other talented filmmakers with a similar goal, all bringing their own personal, fresh perspective to the industry.

Lust Cinema was launched in 2010 to feature the work of these amazing directors and to provide a home for those seeking an alternative to mainstream porn: where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic is a pleasure to all of the senses, and eroticism and innovation are celebrated. Little by little, I added to the catalog of films to include everything from vintage to modern, tutorials to art, romance to kink, and I`m thrilled to say that it is one of the most unique online cinemas offered today!

As curator of the cinema, I handpick the best and brightest adult films from around the world, releasing at least two new titles every month. Your membership means you`ll be the first to know about and access these acclaimed films, as well as being able to stream, download and share everything in our extensive catalog.

Have a look around the site, and you`ll see how different your experience will be at Lust Cinema – we take pride in the personal atmosphere we`ve created, thanks to director biographies, chapter selection, recommended titles, production details, and special content like `making-ofs`, where you can go behind the scenes of your favorite films and see how quality adult cinema is produced.

Again, welcome to my cinema, and to a new era of adult entertainment … I hope you find a home here!

Screens (download)

LCIN_A Blowjob is always a great last minute gift idea.rar
LCIN_A Feminist Man.rar
LCIN_A Little Part Of Me.part1.rar
LCIN_A Little Part Of Me.part2.rar
LCIN_A Little Part Of Me.part3.rar
LCIN_A Little Part Of Me.part4.rar
LCIN_A Little Part Of Me.part5.rar
LCIN_A Night In Japan.rar
LCIN_A Talk Too Dirty.rar
LCIN_A Weekend In The Garden Of Eden.rar
LCIN_Afrodite Superstar.part1.rar
LCIN_Afrodite Superstar.part2.rar
LCIN_Alice In Wonderland.part1.rar
LCIN_Alice In Wonderland.part2.rar
LCIN_All About Anna.rar
LCIN_Amateur Lust.part1.rar
LCIN_Amateur Lust.part2.rar
LCIN_Amateur Lust.part3.rar
LCIN_An Appointment with my Master.rar
LCIN_An Eternal Love.rar
LCIN_Anal Sex For Lovers.part1.rar
LCIN_Anal Sex For Lovers.part2.rar
LCIN_Anal Sex For Lovers.part3.rar
LCIN_Barcelona Sex Project.part1.rar
LCIN_Barcelona Sex Project.part2.rar
LCIN_Before The Guests Arrive.rar
LCIN_Boat Buddies With Benefits.rar
LCIN_Cabaret Desire.part1.rar
LCIN_Cabaret Desire.part2.rar
LCIN_Cabaret Desire.part3.rar
LCIN_Candy Stripers.rar
LCIN_Car Sex Generation.rar
LCIN_Carnival Hustlers.rar
LCIN_Chemistry 1.part1.rar
LCIN_Chemistry 1.part2.rar
LCIN_Chemistry 1.part3.rar
LCIN_Chemistry 1.part4.rar
LCIN_Cinéma X (Pigalle).rar
LCIN_Classic Seka – A Porn Legend.rar
LCIN_Come Fly With Me.rar
LCIN_Dear Abby.part1.rar
LCIN_Dear Abby.part2.rar
LCIN_Dear Abby.part3.rar
LCIN_Dear Abby.part4.rar
LCIN_Dear Brother in Law.rar
LCIN_Deep Throat – Part 2.part1.rar
LCIN_Deep Throat – Part 2.part2.rar
LCIN_Deep Throat.rar
LCIN_Dirty Diaries.rar
LCIN_Do You Find My Feet Suckable.rar
LCIN_Drips Clicks Squirts.rar
LCIN_Dude Looks Like a Lady.rar
LCIN_Eat With … Me.rar
LCIN_Ecstasy in Berlin, 1926.rar
LCIN_Educating Reeves – A Country Pursuit.part1.rar
LCIN_Educating Reeves – A Country Pursuit.part2.rar
LCIN_Educating Reeves – A Country Pursuit.part3.rar
LCIN_Educating Reeves – A Country Pursuit.part4.rar
LCIN_El Chico De La Playa Nudista.rar
LCIN_El que no ama no conoce a Dios.rar
LCIN_Elegant Spanking.rar
LCIN_Erotic Mind Vol. 3.part1.rar
LCIN_Erotic Mind Vol. 3.part2.rar
LCIN_Erotic Mind Vol1.part1.rar
LCIN_Erotic Mind Vol1.part2.rar
LCIN_Erotic Mind Vol2.part1.rar
LCIN_Erotic Mind Vol2.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure For Men.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure For Men.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure For Men.part3.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Anal Sex.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Anal Sex.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Handjobs for Men and Women.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Handjobs for Men and Women.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Handjobs for Men and Women.part3.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Oral Sex – Cunnilingus.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Oral Sex – Cunnilingus.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide To Oral Sex – Fellatio.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide To Oral Sex – Fellatio.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide To Oral Sex – Fellatio.part3.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide To Rough Sex.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide To Rough Sex.part2.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Threesomes.part1.rar
LCIN_Expert Guide to Threesomes.part2.rar
LCIN_Eyes of Desire 2.part1.rar
LCIN_Eyes of Desire 2.part2.rar
LCIN_Eyes of Desire.part1.rar
LCIN_Eyes of Desire.part2.rar
LCIN_Fräulein O..rar
LCIN_Glimpse 13.part1.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 13.part2.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 14.part1.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 14.part2.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 14.part3.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 15.part1.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 15.part2.rar
LCIN_Glimpse 15.part3.rar
LCIN_Guide to Bondage for Couples.part1.rar
LCIN_Guide to Bondage for Couples.part2.rar
LCIN_Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.part1.rar
LCIN_Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.part2.rar
LCIN_Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.part3.rar
LCIN_Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.part4.rar
LCIN_Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.part5.rar
LCIN_Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples.part6.rar
LCIN_Hello, Pool Boy!.rar
LCIN_Histoires de sexe(s).part1.rar
LCIN_Histoires de sexe(s).part2.rar
LCIN_Histoires de sexe(s).part3.rar
LCIN_Hold Me So Tight It Hurts.rar
LCIN_Hookin’ Up.part1.rar
LCIN_Hookin’ Up.part2.rar
LCIN_Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me.rar
LCIN_I Found Your Mother On Tinder.rar
LCIN_I Fucking Love Ikea.rar
LCIN_I Love My Hot Wife.part1.rar
LCIN_I Love My Hot Wife.part2.rar
LCIN_I Love My Hot Wife.part3.rar
LCIN_I Pegged My Boyfriend.rar
LCIN_I Wish I Was a Lesbian.rar
LCIN_I’m a Verry Badx Secvretary.rar
LCIN_Ibiza Splash Crush.rar
LCIN_If the apocalypse comes, fuck me.rar
LCIN_Indecent Couple.part1.rar
LCIN_Indecent Couple.part2.rar
LCIN_Indecent Couple.part3.rar
LCIN_J’fais du porno et j’aime ca.part1.rar
LCIN_J’fais du porno et j’aime ca.part2.rar
LCIN_Jail House Fuck.rar
LCIN_Kama Sutra.part1.rar
LCIN_Kama Sutra.part2.rar
LCIN_Kiss Attack.part1.rar
LCIN_Kiss Attack.part2.rar
LCIN_Kunyaza – African Sex Technique.rar
LCIN_La Reine des Culottes.rar
LCIN_Laws of Love.part1.rar
LCIN_Laws of Love.part2.rar
LCIN_Laws of Love.part3.rar
LCIN_Laws of Love.part4.rar
LCIN_Le Baiser.part1.rar
LCIN_Le Baiser.part2.rar
LCIN_Le Baiser.part3.rar
LCIN_Let’s Make a Porno.rar
LCIN_Liberté Sexuelle.part1.rar
LCIN_Liberté Sexuelle.part2.rar
LCIN_Liberté Sexuelle.part3.rar
LCIN_Life Love Lust.part1.rar
LCIN_Life Love Lust.part2.rar
LCIN_Liquid Lips.rar
LCIN_Lost and Found.part1.rar
LCIN_Lost and Found.part2.rar
LCIN_Lost and Found.part3.rar
LCIN_Lost and Found.part4.rar
LCIN_Love is a dangerous game.part1.rar
LCIN_Love is a dangerous game.part2.rar
LCIN_Love is a dangerous game.part3.rar
LCIN_Love Marriage and Bad Ideas.part1.rar
LCIN_Love Marriage and Bad Ideas.part2.rar
LCIN_Love Marriage and Bad Ideas.part3.rar
LCIN_Love Marriage and Bad Ideas.part4.rar
LCIN_Love me like you hate me.rar
LCIN_Mad Men Porn.rar
LCIN_Manual del Placer.rar
LCIN_Marriage 2.0.part1.rar
LCIN_Marriage 2.0.part2.rar
LCIN_Marriage 2.0.part3.rar
LCIN_Marriage 2.0.part4.rar
LCIN_Maybe He’s Gifted.rar
LCIN_Meet Me in the Stockroom.rar
LCIN_Midori’s expert guide to sensual bondage.part1.rar
LCIN_Midori’s expert guide to sensual bondage.part2.rar
LCIN_Midori’s expert guide to sensual bondage.part3.rar
LCIN_My First Time Eating Oysters and Pussy.rar
LCIN_My Roomie’s Toy.rar
LCIN_Naked Love.rar
LCIN_No Artificial Sweeteners.rar
LCIN_Pearl Necklace – Revenge Is Sweet.part1.rar
LCIN_Pearl Necklace – Revenge Is Sweet.part2.rar
LCIN_Pearl Necklace – Revenge Is Sweet.part3.rar
LCIN_Perversions of Lesbian Lust 2.rar
LCIN_Pink Prison.part1.rar
LCIN_Pink Prison.part2.rar
LCIN_Pleasure Professionals Vol. 2.part1.rar
LCIN_Pleasure Professionals Vol. 2.part2.rar
LCIN_Pleasure Professionals Vol. 2.part3.rar
LCIN_Portrait of a Call Girl.part1.rar
LCIN_Portrait of a Call Girl.part2.rar
LCIN_Portrait of a Call Girl.part3.rar
LCIN_Portrait of a Call Girl.part4.rar
LCIN_Portrait of a Call Girl.part5.rar
LCIN_Power Pussy.rar
LCIN_Prisoner of Paradise.part1.rar
LCIN_Prisoner of Paradise.part2.rar
LCIN_Private Paradise.part1.rar
LCIN_Private Paradise.part2.rar
LCIN_Recipe for Romance.part1.rar
LCIN_Recipe for Romance.part2.rar
LCIN_Recipe for Romance.part3.rar
LCIN_Recipe for Romance.part4.rar
LCIN_Romance Bullshit.rar
LCIN_Rough Sex 2.part1.rar
LCIN_Rough Sex 2.part2.rar
LCIN_Rough Sex 2.part3.rar
LCIN_Rough Sex 2.part4.rar
LCIN_Rough Sex 2.part5.rar
LCIN_Rush Of The Forbidden.rar
LCIN_Sadistic Trainer.rar
LCIN_San Francisco.rar
LCIN_Second Chances.part1.rar
LCIN_Second Chances.part2.rar
LCIN_Second Chances.part3.rar
LCIN_Second Chances.part4.rar
LCIN_Sex is for lovers.part1.rar
LCIN_Sex is for lovers.part2.rar
LCIN_Sex is for lovers.part3.rar
LCIN_Sex Mannequin.part1.rar
LCIN_Sex Mannequin.part2.rar
LCIN_Silver Shoes.part1.rar
LCIN_Silver Shoes.part2.rar
LCIN_Silver Shoes.part3.rar
LCIN_Sit Down, Shut Up and Watch.rar
LCIN_Skin Like Sun.part1.rar
LCIN_Skin Like Sun.part2.rar
LCIN_Slo Blo Mo Job.rar
LCIN_Strap-On Motel.part1.rar
LCIN_Strap-On Motel.part2.rar
LCIN_Stud Hunters.part1.rar
LCIN_Stud Hunters.part2.rar
LCIN_Take Me Fucked, I’m Home.rar
LCIN_The Art of Spanking.rar
LCIN_The Autobiography of a Flea.part1.rar
LCIN_The Autobiography of a Flea.part2.rar
LCIN_The Autobiography of a Flea.part3.rar
LCIN_The Band.part1.rar
LCIN_The Band.part2.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl 2.part1.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl 2.part2.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl 2.part3.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl.part1.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl.part2.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl.part3.rar
LCIN_The best of Liandra Dahl.part4.rar
LCIN_The Black Glove.rar
LCIN_The Couchsurfer.rar
LCIN_The Devil in Miss Jones.rar
LCIN_The Friend Zone.part1.rar
LCIN_The Friend Zone.part2.rar
LCIN_The Friend Zone.part3.rar
LCIN_The Friend Zone.part4.rar
LCIN_The Great Ephemeral Skin.part1.rar
LCIN_The Great Ephemeral Skin.part2.rar
LCIN_The Pleasure Professionals.part1.rar
LCIN_The Pleasure Professionals.part2.rar
LCIN_The Pleasure Professionals.part3.rar
LCIN_The Pleasure Professionals.part4.rar
LCIN_The Riot Girls.part1.rar
LCIN_The Riot Girls.part2.rar
LCIN_The Riot Girls.part3.rar
LCIN_The Riot Girls.part4.rar
LCIN_The Seven Deadly Sins.rar
LCIN_The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.part1.rar
LCIN_The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.part2.rar
LCIN_The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.part3.rar
LCIN_The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.part4.rar
LCIN_The Submission Of Emma Marx 2.part1.rar
LCIN_The Submission Of Emma Marx 2.part2.rar
LCIN_The Submission Of Emma Marx 2.part3.rar
LCIN_The Submission Of Emma Marx 2.part4.rar
LCIN_The Submission Of Emma Marx 2.part5.rar
LCIN_The Submission of Emma Marx.part1.rar
LCIN_The Submission of Emma Marx.part2.rar
LCIN_The Submission of Emma Marx.part3.rar
LCIN_The Submission of Emma Marx.part4.rar
LCIN_The Temptation of Eve.part1.rar
LCIN_The Temptation of Eve.part2.rar
LCIN_The Temptation of Eve.part3.rar
LCIN_The Temptation of Eve.part4.rar
LCIN_The Ultimate Blowjob.rar
LCIN_Trouble’s House.rar
LCIN_Under the Covers.part1.rar
LCIN_Under the Covers.part2.rar
LCIN_We Know You’re Watching.rar
LCIN_Wine is the best lubricant.rar
LCIN_Writers & Rockstars.part1.rar
LCIN_Writers & Rockstars.part2.rar
LCIN_XConfessions vol. 4.part1.rar
LCIN_XConfessions vol. 4.part2.rar
LCIN_XConfessions vol. 4.part3.rar
LCIN_XConfessions vol. 4.part4.rar