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1.Goddess Brianna Dominates Him-

Sexy masseuse Breanna loves dominating men and when a client of hers asks for something more than a regular massage she knows how to treat him. Today the blonde lady straps that guy on the massage table and makes him regret for being a jerk by teasing him and making him beg for a release like never before.

2.Claire Black: Arab Femdom Torture-

Stunning Arab babe Claire Black dishes out a ruined orgasm to her client who dared to disrespect her. She ties and binds him to her table and teases his cock relentlessly while stoking his balls. When this guy finally cums, she ruins him in a big way but she doesn’t stop there while she teases him post orgasm.

3.Sloan Harper: Assholes Never Learn-

Assholes never learn. They should know better than to ask Sloan Harper for happy endings but they don’t so when one of them nags her for one, the cute massage therapist plays along as this hot new video from MeanMassage.com

4.Lola Fae: Wrapped and Bound-

Lola Fae is tired of all those male clients of hers who ask for a handjob during their massage treatment. The petite massage therapist has her own way to treat those assholes, so today she is gonna wrap that jerk on the massage table and make him pay. Lola teases his erected dick to insanity and denies his orgasm again and again until he can’t take this punishment anymore.

5.Annika Eve: Denied Orgasm-

One look at Annika Eve and you’d be tempted to take advantage of her because she looks so innocent and naive but as her client learns in this hot new video from MeanMassage.com, this is not the masseuse you want to mess with.

6.Alex Blake: Tied, Bound and Tortured-

Alex Blake didn’t expect this new client of hers to ask for a happy ending massage, and being that so many pervs are being busted for sexual harassment, Alex Blake decides to punish her client by tying him down, binding him to a table and teasing the fuck out of him. This poor guys got a big cock and is anticipating an epic orgasm but only to be denied as Alex Blake ruins it in a big way!

7.Tara Ashley: Complete Control-

Tara Ashley is not exactly the type of girl you want to mess around with and try to harass. Because when you ask for a happy ending and become pushy, this babe is bound to make you eat your words. This is what happens to Chris when he gets tied, bound and teased to no end when she controls his entire body and ruins his much anticipated orgasm.

8.Jamie Valentine: You Better Cum Quick-

Jack wants to get jerked off by busty Latina Jamie Valentine but hes going to have to be very, very patient because she’s making all the decisions here. Jack has no choice but to get bound and tied up and incessantly teased and if he doesn’t cum in time she’ll stop stroking his throbbing cock.

9.Sasha Foxx: Tickled and Abused-

Sasha Foxx is one cruel bitch and turns this man into minced meat by abusing and tickling every part of his body. The outbursts of screams from this guy made Sasha want to tickle torture him even more. When she finally has her way, she allows him to ejaculate by pumping his hard cock to completion only to abuse and torture him post orgasm.

10.Rose Woods: Tied and Bound-

Teenage massage therapist Rose Woods is definitely inexperienced, but dont let her innocence fool you, because when she ties up and binds her client to her massage table, she teases the fuck out of him. The cute amateur jerks his cockhead and slaps his shaft delaying his orgasm and when he does finally cum she ruins his massage experience.

11.Olivia Blu: Ruined in a Big Way-

When a woman’s fed up, she’ll put an end to whatever is getting on her last nerve and for Olivia Blu, that would be her horny clients who expect her to live up to the cliche that all masseuses offer handjobs at the end of their massage sessions. She’s had it with demanding clients and when her new client thinks he’s entitled to a handjob and a release, the blonde hottie plays along.

12.Jericha Jem: Arabian Hijab Handjob-

Dont let the hijab fool you because this Arab hottie Jericha Jem is someone you don’t want to fuck with. Mike finds out the hard way when he gets tied, bound and tortured by her incessant cock teasing. Jericha strokes his cock tip just to the edge, but brings him back down over and over again until the slave unloads buckets of warm semen.

13.Kendra Heart – Tease His Tip-

When Kendra Heart walks in on John, she can tell right away the guys is just looking to get his cock milked, so the mean queen decides to tease his throbbing cock tip by rubbing it with her vibrator. The sensations make him tense up and he quickly looses control as she brings him to the brink of spurting his warm white seed from her incessant cock tip teasing and torture.

14.Jade Jantzen: Tease and Denial-

You dont really want to fuck with Jade Jantzen. She looks all innocent and is super hot, but if your hoping to get your rocks off by exposing your hard cock in front of her your in for a ruined experience. John tries to get his cock miked by the stunning beauty only to get tied down, bound to a table and mercilessly teases until his balls swell up. She allows him to cum but only on her command and when he does she ruins it big time for the poor sap.

15.Kenzie Reese: Tied and Bound Massage-

When Taylor saw Kenzie Reese he thought he was gonna make her give him a happy ending massage. What he didn’t know is this tiny massage therapist is a tough one, so now he is about to be punished big time. The teen babe straps that poor man down and painfully strokes his cock but she does not intend to let him cum until she says so.

16.Madison Reese: Bind and Immobilize Him-

Madison Reese may seems innocent but believe it or not she is a quite the sadistic young lady who loves torturing men. When she notices her client with a throbbing erection she takes mercy on him by agreeing to stroke on just his tip, then proceeds to tease and torture his cock head while being tied and bound, completely immobilized the poor guy is at her mercy and loses control in a big way from her sadistic cock head teasing.

17.Aaliyah Hadid: Ultimate Tease-

Sexy teen Aaliyah Hadid gets really bitchy if you decide to cross the line during her massage sessions. She might just give you a happy ending but its a happy ending you dont necessarily want. because she will milk your hard cockhead and when you cum shes going to ruin you in a big way. Poor Billy finds out the hard way in this new episode.

18.Blake Carter: Brutalized Poor Bastard-

You dont fuck with Blake Carter because this feisty blonde dominatrix will punish you in a very big way. Poor John learns this the hard way when he tries to pull a fast one. The poor bastard gets tied and bound and painfully jerked to the point of orgasm only to be brought back, over and over again. When he finally does spurt his warm seed, Blake makes him lick up his own semen while being totally humiliated and embarrassed.

19.Grace Evangeline: Swift Punishment-

If you want to ruin Grace Evangeline’s day, order the special VIP treatment package when you set up an appointment with her but beware that she doesn’t take too kindly to men who order that package and she punishes them accordingly.

20.Aria Michaels: Tied, Bound and Teased-

Aria Michaels may looks innocent but she knows how to handle guys like Tom. This guy wants to take advantage of the innocent massage therapist only to get the tables turned on him. Aria ties and binds him to the table and proceeds to milk his pulsating cockhead to the point he begs for her to let him cum and when she does she ruins his orgasm big time.

21.Allura Skye: Mistress May I Cum?-

You dont fuck with Mistress Alura Skye and Flynt learns this the hard way by being bound, tied and tortured by her cruel punishment. Alura demeans the slut boy and torments him to no end while his quivering body shakes and his hard cock pulsates in her hands. She wont let him cum unless he begs for a release and when he does he gets ruined big time.

22.Post Orgasm Punishment-

Sexy masseuse, Desire, is not shocked by her new client’s request for a happy ending massage, so she knows exactly how to treat him. Desire straps that dude on the massage table and tortures him by teasing his cock until he can’t hold his cum anymore. That’s how you get for being a jerk, man!

23.Esmi Lee: Tied and Bound-

Latina hottie Esmi Lee is your massage therapist today and this turns you on in a big way. The fiery Latina is not playing games with you and when you ask her to jerk your hard cock, she agrees but it comes with a hefty price. She ties and binds you down until your immobile and she has her way with you. Your cock aches as she humiliates you and when she finally brings you to your much anticipated orgasm she ruins it and jerks you post orgasm.

24.Sierra Nicole: Begging for Release-

Sierra Nicole may seems innocent but when she needs to punish a guy she has the way. Today, the cute looking teen masseuse is asked to give her client a cock massage, so she straps him down and makes him regret for being a jerk. Sierra painfully strokes that dick and denies that poor guy’s orgasm, while he is begging for a release.

25.Vicky Vixxx: Tied and Bound-

Meeting a new client is often intimidating for an untrained masseuse but Vicky Vixxx has been massaging men for a while so she’s not new to this rodeo which explains why she’s so comfortable with her client. In fact she bypasses traditional massaging and heads straight to the kinky part by convincing the horny client to play along with her games.

26.Nikki Vixen: Deny Your Anticipated Orgasm-

You knew you’d get a hot massage therapist and Nikki Vixen turn you on in a big way. her soft hands rubbing across your tense body makes your cock hard as fuck and she notices your bulge for the corner of her eye. She offers to give you a happy ending handjob, but with a price. She brings you to ecstasy only to completely ruin you in the end ad your much anticipated orgasm gets ruined by the cruel beauty.

27.Bella Ink: Ruined orgasm punishment-

All Bella Ink wants is a smooth, drama-free session at work today but sadly for her, her client has other plans in mind. He’s horny with a raging hard-on underneath his towel and as if that isn’t bad enough, he has the nerve to reach out and grab the sexy blonde masseuse’s big boob.

28.Kimberly Moss: Embarrassing Ruined Orgasm-

Kimberly Moss is definitely not in a good mood when her client pulls out his hard dick in front of her. She will make him pay for this mistake because she shackles his hands and toes him to the massage table and proceeds to humiliate his cock and teases him to the pint of an intense orgasm, which she ruins and then humiliates him with his embarrassing cum-shot.

29.Abused And Assaulted by Maria Jade-

Bill got himself tied, bound and gagged by mean bitch Maria Jade and his only hope for survival is to cum! Maria beats his cock mercilessly while he tries to maintain his erection. She jerks his cock with a fierce grip and rubs his sensitive cock head until pre-cum starts oozing out of it. When he finally does come, the dirty talking Marie punishes him in a big way.

30.Michelle Martinez: Controlling Your Cock-

John wants to get off in a big way, but his massage therapist Michelle Martinez inst having it. He makes several advances only to be turned down by the Latin teen. Except when she sees how hard and thick his cock has become she takes pity on him. She straps him down and immobilizes him while she teases his cock head until he squirms in agony. When his pulsating cock finally erupts, the poor sap is denied his pleasure.

31.Avery Brooks: Painful Ruined Orgasm-

All Ben wanted was a nice massage with a happy ending. But what he got instead was his cock teases and tortured to no end. And when Avery brooks finally allows him to cum, she ruins it for him. Suffice it to say his satisfaction is denied and hes pretty pissed about it as you can see in this episode.

32.Avery Adair: Finish Him!-

Avery Adair gets so turned on during her massage session that she ends up pulling on her clients pud. She exposes her pink pussy and starts rubbing her clit while she jerks her clients pulsating cock. She wants him to cum but shes going to make him pay for getting her worked up. She brings him to the brink and back again, edging his dick until her begs her to let him cum and when he finally does she ruins him in a big way.

33.Lexi Luna is in control-

Guys beware, if you walk into Lexi Luna’s massage room and ask for a happy ending, you’re in for a very naughty treat as one guy finds out the hard way when the smiling brunette ties him to her table and slaps the shit out of his cock while ruining his orgasm.

34.Sweet Release-

When Flynt’s new client wants more than just a massage, he is hesitant to oblige because its against policy. But she is so hot he cant help but pull out his cock and have the horny woman start stroking it right then and there. Stacy pulls and strokes on his cock so well he cums instantly between her soft hands.

35.Avalon Heart: One Mean Bitch-

Avalon Heart is a super cute hotel massage therapist who hates perverted clients. Today, again she has to handle one of those jerks who insult her asking for more than just a common massage, so she is going to do something about. Avalon straps that jerk on the massage table and sits on his face while punishing his cock, stroking it and denying an orgasm. That’s what you get for being an asshole, dude!

36.Sabrina Paige: Cock Twitch-

Sabrina Paige likes to tease and torment your cock with her soft hands. She rubs her palm around your cock head and massages your swollen balls at the same time. Your dick oozes pre cum and you need to cum in a bad way. She doesn’t think you can hold out much longer so she takes mercy on you and continues to rub your sensitive cockhead and she wont stop until you cum.

37.Dolly Leigh: Tease My Sensitive Tip-

Your cock swells up when you take one look at your massage therapist Dolly Leigh. She hot and she seems like shes good to milk your dick. But when you ask her for a handjob, she agrees under one condition…that she ties and straps you to the table. She torments you by teasing your cockhead, and all your sensitive parts.

38.Sadie Pop: Tied and Bound-

Don’t let petite teenager Sadie Pop fool you with her innocent looks because this little brat is all about being cruel with your hard cock. When you ask her for a happy ending, she obliges but you had no idea the little teen would tie you yup up and immobilize you before stroking your cock head. But she ends up ruining your much anticipated orgasm.

39.Kelly Paige: Please Make Me Spurt-

Kelly Paige grips your cock after you whip it out right in front of her. She will jerk it, but its going to cost you. She tells your she will ruin your orgasm, but you dont mind because your cock is hard and throbbing and you need to release your tense cock. She jerks is and rubs her hands around your cock head, only to pull back at the brink of orgasm. When she allows your to cum after your begging, your cock explodes in her hands, spurting your salty goo across your body while the laughs and giggles.

40.Maya Bijou: Cruel Happy Ending-

Maya Bijou gets off on making men squirt white cum from their throbbing cocks. Making a man cum can be mutually satisfying to a woman like Maya. And she gets horny as fuck when Mike begins jerking his cock in front of her. But Maya also gets off on teasing men to the point they cannot contain themselves and their cocks explode even harder. When she teases Mikes cock head, this almost makes him explode, but she pulls back and pummels his cock and balls. And when he reaches the point of orgasm he is in for a cruel surprise.

41.Parker Swayze: Totrured and Titillated-

When you asked for a happy ending you didn’t realize you’d get one from Parker Swayze. She told you she doesn’t accept tips for handjobs but you didn’t listen did you. Your tied up now and Parker stimulates your hard cock. it throbs and just when you about to spurt, she slaps and beats it. Your moan in agony as she tortures you and you beg her to stop. Your tortured beyond your control and when you finally explode it will be intense.

42.Amy Rouge: Torture Me-

When Amy Rogue touches your body your cock becomes hard as a rock. You pull it out and start masturbating in front of her. She it a little taken back, but she cant help but see how hard it is so she grips it and pumps it with her hands. Your about to explode but Amy Rogue has much more sinister things in mind other than your cumming.

43.Sophia Leone: Loss Of Control-

Your cock hardens when Sophia Leone prepares to give you the ultimate sensual and relaxing erotic massage. Your body surges with excitement when her soft hands caress your body, your cock gets erect and her eyes light up at how hard you’ve become. She jerks it gently with her finger tips and teases you so much you become dizzy, but she has other plans in store for you…

44.Michelle Martinez: Immense Release-

One look at Michelle Martinez and you know shes down for whatever. She rubs your body with her hands and she admires your already hard cock.She grips it and pumps it a few times and you get harder and harder and this turns her on. She wants to see your big cock cum and you want to show her how hard your cum will be. Your orgasm is intense as she stops jerking it right at the moment of orgasm as your load shoots and spurts our a very large cumload Michelle watches with delight.

45.Ally Tate: Aching to Ejaculate-

Your cock gets erect the moment you see Ally Tate is your massage therapist. She’s petite and gentle, and this turns you on in a big way. She rubs you down and torments you with her sexy voice. Your hard cock pokes out of your towel and she takes notice. Her eyes widen and you know at this point shes going to rub it too. She grips your cock and pumps it a few times. This turns her on too. Your cock tingles and your about to explode and when you do your in for a ruined orgasm.

46.Alexis Fawx: You Made a Mess-

You want Alexis to milk your pulsating cock. Her sensual body rubs make your body tense up and your dick harden. You reach for a feel of her huge tits, almost popping out of her bra. She lets you and you rub her nipples. Shes turned on now and tells you she wants to jerk your dick. You pull your hard dick out and she grabs it, forcefully. Your in a world of pain now as shell let you sum but only for a price.

47.Narlie Reese: Constrained Release-

You had no idea you where going to massage a hot blonde girl when she booked the session. When you see her your cock gets hard as a rock. She’s a little hesitant about a man giving her a massage, but you seem like a nice guy. She lays on the table and you rub her body with oil. Her skinny legs and tight ass make your cock swell even harder. You pull it out and start jerking it. She cant see you so you figure you can rub one out and spurt on her legs. Your hormones get the better of you and you start rubbing your pulsating cock on her legs.

48.Mercy Extreme: You Yearn to Explode-

You want your cock milked form the sexy massage therapist, but you know by her tattoos and stunning tits she will have control over you. She glides her fingers across your cock tip and tied you up. She plays with her pink pussy while your cock pulsates. You need to cum in a big way but she wont let you. She summons you to cum and you do so on command.

49.Bambi Brooks: Painful Pleasure-

Bambi Brooks is a very cute teen massage therapist but dont let her innocent looks fool you because she is known to get down and dirty for any hard cock that appears in front of her at her massage table. Mike wants to get milked, bad, but he must succumb to her wishes in order to get what he wants. She blindfold him and teases his cock so good he explodes hard.

50.Rikki Rumor: My Game, My Rules-

Mike wants his cock tugged so bad he agrees to get tied and bound by the feisty teen Rikki Rumor. When his cock become secret she agrees to make him cum, but its by her rules only. This involves intense cock edging, teasing and humiliation as the sad sack gets denied his much anticipated orgasm.

51.Bad Girl Lola Bellastar Ruins Him-

Newcomer Lola Bellastar ties and tortures poor Russel at her massage table. She sensually strokes his cock head and glides her finder across his shaft. His cock twitches in agony as she teases the fuck out of him. When he cums on her terms, he explode buckets of warm jizz all over himself.

52.Skyla Novea: Punish Me-

Skyla Novea loves punishing men who try to grope her during her massage sessions. She loves getting naked and the freckle faces teen exposes her massive boobs. This makes Mike extremely erect as his cock pops out from behind his towel she immediately starts to milk it but ends up ruining him in a major way.

53.Bobbi Dylan: Teasing His Tip-

Bobbi Dylan specializes in erotic massages but she also specializes in something much more satisfying, cock head teasing. When Mike gets erect Bobbi takes notice and offers to milk his cock, but with a price. She ties him, binds and blindfolded him and proceeds to tease his cock head so good he can barely contain himself. She laughs at his twitching dick as it spurts out his cumload over himself.

54.Ruin My Big Dick-

It didn’t take Phoenix Rose long to realize this client is a real jerk. The innocent teen doesn’t know how to give a great massage, but she does know how to give a great cock rubbing. Since she gets groped by her client the only rational thing to do is to ruin his big cock from orgasming.

55.Sasha Foxx: Cock Massage and Ruined Orgasm-

Sasha Foxx is no one to mess around with, because she knows just how to make men squirm from her sensual erotic massage sessions. She gives you a sensual massage POV style and reaches for you hard cock only to tease it by bringing you the the edge and back before she finally lets you unload your semen, but when you cum she ruins it for you.

56.Jessica Torres: Edging His Monster Cock-

Experienced massage therapist, Jessica Torres certainly puts Mike in his place when he demands a cock milking. The guys gets more than be bargained for when she pulls out the restraints and ball gags him. Watch as he squirms and his cock titches for the incessant teasing.

57.Dava Foxx: Incredible Edging Explosion-

Russell has absolutely no clue what he’s getting himself into when he asks Dava Foxxx for a happy ending. She loves massaging big cocks and of course has no problem fulfilling his request but she wants to do it her way and her way is not exactly what the horny client envisioned..

58.Stella Stone: Painful Teasing with Torture-

What starts out as a simple session soon turns into a rather painful handjob for a horny man when his beautiful masseuse Stella Stone unleashes her darker side on him. She straps him down to her table rendering him completely helpless and then proceeds to tightly wrap a rope around his balls and the base of his cock, teasing and torturing him into agony.

59.Unexpected Post-Orgasm Torture-

Sometimes what we wish for comes with an unexpected surprise and for Mr. Johnson that means getting his balls busted by a hot masseuse with big bouncy tits. She massages his body and then finishes off by polishing his cock until it explodes and while that would normally be the end of their session, Charlee Chase has even more sinister plans in mind for her client and those plans come to fruition the minute jizz shoots out of his cock.

60.Malicious Cock Milking-

Although she looks innocent and angelic, Stephanie Saint has an unpleasant side to her which involves taking unsuspecting men, tying them up and teasing their hard dicks while mocking them when they cant cum. That’s exactly what happens to Mitch when he tries to pull a fast one on Stephanie while getting a massage.

61.Hard Cumshot from Tickle Torture with Christina Skye-

Christina Skye is a cruel bitch. She teases this man to no end, jerks his hard throbbing cock and then tickles him during and after his orgasm. This guy cums so hard from Christina’s incessant teasing he shoots his load five feet in the air. Christina further tortures him post orgasm in this hot new massage episode.

62.Sasha Foxx: Ruin Him!-

Russel doesn’t expect to get his orgasm ruined, and that makes Sasha Foxx get even more mean as the poor guy struggle under pressure to spurt his load while Sasha teases his dick with her edging technique. Russel cums so hard his cock explodes with buckets if cum as Sasha demeans him.

63.Jane Latex: Tied, Teased and Tortured-

This wasn’t what Jake had in mind when asked his massage therapist Jane Latex to give him a full body massage. he gets strapped down and gets his hard cock teases to oblivion to the point where he cant control himself. After several minutes of intense edging, Jane allows the poor sap to cum but ruins it for him. Jane takes great delight as his cock twitches, his balls turn blue and he spurts out his seed all over the massage table.

64.Sensitivity Training with Megan Malibu-

Megan Malibu’s sensitivity training session is nothing like she advertised. Because when James goes in for a massage he ends up getting tied, bound and gagged. Helpless, Megan teases his sensitive cock with her fingers. Bringing him to the brink of orgasm. The man is totally helpless. When she strokes him one final time, his cock twitches, balls tighten up and spurts a massive load all over himself.

65.Abused and Ashed On-

Cruel and sadistic Payton Hall smokes a cigarette while giving this poor sap a rub down. She ties him up and proceeds to ash over his body as she milks his hard cock. Payton is so cruel when the guy is ready to cum she ruins his orgasm by pulling away watching his semen shoot all over the place.

66.Alexis Fawz Post Orgasm Torture-

Alexis Fawz has her own rules when it comes to happy ending requests, and this guy finds out on a bad way. With her massive tits popping out of her top he cant help but get a throbbing erection. She takes notice and teases him so bad he spurts all over himself when she tortures him post orgasm.

67.Intense Frustration with Mia Monroe-

Mia Monroe is the type of massage therapist who likes making her clients happy. So when Flynt asks for a happy ending shes happy to provide him some relief. However it will cost him dearly as she toes him up and milks him to completion giving him blue balls and frustration.

68.Cristi Ann: I Denied Him-

Cristi Ann is a very skilled and highly trained massage therapist, but what she didn’t tell Jake is that she offers happy endings too. Only that he must be bound to the table first. She titty fucks him and teases him and just as the poor sap if about to explode she pulls away, laughing at his twitching cock as it spurts out semen.

69.Dava Foxx Ruined Orgasm and CBT-

Dave is horny as fuck and wants some relief from his throbbing erection after Dava Foxx starts massaging him he gets so hard his cock makes a nice tent under the towel. Dava takes notice and offers him a handjob but with a twist. because after she squeezes his balls and teases his dick when he sputs she ruins him.

70.Athena Amour: Submissive Slave Denied Anticipated Orgasm-

Jake agrees to play by Athena Amour’s rules and those rules involve much more that just a massage with release. Jake gets gagged and becomes a submissive sissy boy when Athena starts to aggressively milk his hard cock. Jake quickly gets a serious case of blue balls form repeated bouts of edging, only to erupt over the edge when she ruins his orgasm.

71.Warming Up With Icy Hot-

Mr. Franklin wants a happy ending but Zoe ends up ruining it in a big way by applying Icy Hot to his throbbing cock. The pain is so intense that that he moans and begs for relief from her incredible stroke job skills. He finally spurts his seed only to experience intense pain in the process.

72.Mr. Franklins Ruined Orgasm-

Mr. Franklin’s big hard cock gets rubbed and tugged by innocent massage therapist babe Cloe Palmer. This teen appears inexperienced in the massage category but her cock milking skills are above average as she bring s Mr. Franklin to the edge only to ruin it as his big cock spurts out semen all over the place.

73.Teen Gives Him An Unfufilled Orgasm-

Teen massage therapist Renee Roulette hates rude customers, especially if they become demanding. Creepy old guy Joe gets very inappropriate with the fresh new girl, and so she decides to take matters into her own hands by agreeing to stroke his big hard cock but ends up making his orgasm very unfulfilled as his cock bobs up and down from semen spurting out of his cock.

74.Callie Nicole: Controlled Orgasm-

You don’t fuck with femdom masseuse Callie Nicole. The tattooed dominatrix knows exactly what to do when she wants men to moan from her incessant teasing massage sessions. Alex gets tied and bound and she feverishly strokes his dick instantly giving him an erection. She ball gags him and brings him to the brink of orgasm until her simply cant take it.

75.Cock Explosion from Edging-

Amara Romani loves being in control, so, when she is asked to give a special massage, she knows exactly what to do. She brings this poor guy to the brink of orgasm over and over again. The intense feeling of his swollen balls doesn’t help matter as he is in total control by Amara. But when his pleasing gets to hr she ruins his orgasm while his cock explodes.

76.Orgasm Control with Jade Jantzen-

Any guy willing to expose his throbbing hard cock at Jade Jantzen during her massage is in for a cruel happy ending because this masseuse can be very mean. She agrees to jerk Mikes cock, but intense arousal and psychological need turns him into a whimpering sissy as she ruins his anticipated orgasm.

77.Stimulation Special-

Harley Summers is an experienced massage therapist who totally gets off by putting men in their place. Joe is no exception as he gets the full service special: cock teased and balls squeezed. When she stimulates his shaft with the magic wand things go bad for poor Joe.

78.Your So Fucked-

Rose Rhapsody is a high class masseuse who likes to be in control. When little dicked Mike comes into her studio she knows this guy is so fucked, because she he’s about to get teased to no end until his little cock spurts out a pathetic amount of goo.

78.Severe Case of Blue Balls-

MILF Massage therapist Daisy Dalton is one cruel bitch, all because Kyle wanted a handjob she decided to ruin his orgasm in a big way. She jerks him off so good, the kid almost blows his load in seconds, only she pulls back every time his balls tighten up. After an eternity of handjobing and stroking his throbbing dick he blows his was only to have her pull away.

79.Cruel But Delightful Ruined Orgasm-

Mike wants desperately to get his balls drained after his massage and Alex Rodriquez is happy to oblige. The hot Latina therapist stroked his shaft, bringing him to the edge only to pull away, frustrating him. She finally drains him but in a cruel twist of fate she ruins it.

80.Amber Rayne Domination-

Amber Rayne is known for giving the best full body massages in town. But horny guys don’t realize is that if you want relief it will not only cost you financially but also physically too. Amber ties and binds this poor sap while she teases, stroked and edges his throbbing cock to completion.

81.My Game, My Rules

Rob thinks a full body massage includes getting his cock massaged too. But Gina West is a good sport and decides to make him cum but its going to cost him, a lot. ROb gets tied, bound and gagged when he is brought to the edge repeatedly until he almost starts to cry, all the while Gina teases his little dick while he spurts his goo.

82.Made to Degrade You-

Whatever you do don’t piss off Cherry Morgan because this blonde bombshell is no joke. Cherry takes complete and total control when the situation demands it, and that’s what happens to Joe when she teases him silly, degrades him and ruins his much anticipated orgasm. Joe is at a loss for words when he loses control and spurts out warm goo all over himself.

83.Tied, Bound and Gagged-

When her clients ask for something special, Alyssa Kayson knows just what they want. And Brad loves nothing more than getting his throbbing dick teased till the point of explosion. When he gets tied up, bound and gagged the poor guy is no longer in control as Alyssa teases the hell out of his dick and ruins his orgasm.

84.Dare You To Cum-

Dani Dare is an experienced massage therapist with a dark side. She loves nothing more than being in complete control and that’s what happens to Joe when she makes him her personal slave. Watch as the as the queen of tease does her thing until he moans uncontrollably in teasing agony.

85.Pristine Edge: The Harder It Gets-

Pristine Edge gets off by being in complete and total control while teasing big hard cocks. And the harder they get, the more it turns her on. Good news for Pristine, Joe is horny as fuck with a rock hard dick for her. Pristine teases the hell out of him to the point he cannot control himself and begs and pleads with her to finish him off.

86.Cherry Morgan Ruined Orgasm-

Blonde babe Cherry Morgan hates semen, she thinks is soo gross. She refuses to jerk Russel’s hard cock after his massage unless she gets a hefty tip. She jerks him off reluctantly and when he starts cumming buckets of jizz she ruins his orgasm in a big way.

87.Complete Control-

Rachel Rose loves it when guys get erections at her massage table, because that means she gets to milk them dry. Unfortunately for Mike he gets his orgasm ruined by Rachel as he gets teased to the point of explosion when she leaves him hanging.

88.Kimmy Granger : No Chance-

Hot masseuse Kimmy Granger is all about being in control. She’s an experience massage therapist and only administers full release massages to those she deems accepting of it. In this case she denies Mike his orgasm by bringing him to the edge over and over again until she finally allows him to cum, but with a price.

89.Roxanne Rae Domination-

Roxanne Rae is all smiley and friendly but she’s not one to be walked over as John quickly discovers. He begs for a happy ending but the brunette teen gives him way more than he bargained for. She straps him to the massage table rendering him helpless and then she grabs his cock and ties it up with a rope while jerking him off. The pain caused by the rope is unbearable but the thrill from getting wanked off overrides the pain he feels.

90.Asian Persuasion-

Unlucky Mitch orders the “full package” massage hoping hell get the full service treatment but what they didn’t tell him was that Asian sexpot Kimmy Lee is all about putting men in their places and that’s what happens to the poor guy when he gets his balls tied to tight he almost passed out after ejaculating all over himself.

91.Tips Not Accepted-

Amber Skye always gets asked for tips after she gets done massaging her clients. Everyone know offering a tip means that this dude wants to get hi wood wanked but Amber can tell this guy is pacing some serious heat under his towel so she obliges only to ruin his orgasm as he lays there in agony as his feeble cum dribbles from the tip of his cock onto his stomach.

92.Lets Get it Over With-

Teenage Redhead Alex Tanner is having a bad day and decides to take it out on Joe at the massage table. After she gives him a sensual rubdown she ties his hard cock with rope and places a mask on his face and proceeds to jack him off so good he cums almost instantly, however she pulls away and teases him for more. Finally she takes pity on the poor guy and he explodes all over himself in an intense orgasm climax.

93.Tweak My Twat You Pathetic Fuck-

Odette Delacroix is horny as fuck during this massage session and lucky for Pike he gets to get his dick jerked while sticking his tongue all over her quivering clit, however thing go bad for the poor sucker as he gets his orgasm ruined when Odette says he did not do a good job tweaking her little pussy so she gets mad as fuck.

94.Pumped Then Bashed-

When Amber and her friend decide to test out their massage skills on Calvin things get out of hand, fast. The horny duo want to see how turned on they can make the poor sap by teasing the fuck out of him while he sits there unable to move with a raging hard-on. They take turns pumping his hard cock at the massage table but then Amber and friend bash the out of his cock only seconds before he is about to unload his man goo. These two femdoms bring him to the edge over and over again until he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

95.Post Orgasm Agony-

Charlee Chase loves giving massages because she not only gets to make her clients relax from a stress filled day, but when she’s feeling horny she will jerk their cocks too. When Charlee finishes rubbing Kyle down she can tell he is very excited by his erect throbbing cock fully exposed. She gives him a quick stroke when he pops his top instantly, only to be stroked post orgasm in agony as she rubs his quivering cock.

96.Mistress of Ruined Orgasms-

If Pike knew what was going to happen he probably wouldn’t have asked for a happy ending. Because Bella is in a bitchy mood today and the last thing she is going to do is make his monster cock erupt with pleasure. Watch as Bella teases the fuck out of the hung stud and make him beg in agony as she ruins his throbbing cock.

97.Put In His Place-

Leigh Rose loves her new massage job because she gets to make her clients feel good. But what they didn’t tell her is that Pike has a monster cock and a bad attitude. She puts him in his place by teasing the fuck out of him until he begs to cum. She takes mercy on him allowing him to explode all over himself.

98.Mean Teen-

One look at Gabriella Ford and you’d assume this innocent teen would take good care of your throbbing cock at the massage table. But don’t let this cute teens looks fool you. Because she is one mean teen who teases the fuck out of Jeremy when he asks for a handjob while she gives him a legit massage.

99.Twitch and Bitch-

Vanessa Cage is a tough woman and takes zero shits from anyone who crosses her. This sexy massage therapistsh decides to tie her customer on the massage table and gag him. The blonde hottie is going to give him a massage he will never forget. She teases and tortures him while denying his orgasm, until he is squirming for mercy. Finally, the dominant babe ruins his orgasm and leaves him begging for some cum release.

100.Cum On My Command-

When Jake asks for a happy ending, big busty babe Jamie Valentine finds the chance to take the upper hand. She does not intend to make him cum so easily so she brings ghim to the edge and ruins his orgasm over and over. The poor sap is about to cry while the sexy masseuse enjoys every moment of teasing and torture.

101.On the Edge-

We all know massage parlors accept tips for “special services” and mature massage therapist Sally D’Angelo is no exception to the rule. She gladly accepts tips but the price is a lot more than Russel bargains for as he ends up being edged for longer than he can handle. He finally explodes all over himself with a intense orgasm release.

102.Wrapped And Released-

All poor Brian wants is a happy ending but Nicki Ortega has a much better plan. She immobilizes him on the massage table with saran wrap and ties his balls tight while his cock twitches with teasing pleasure. Watch as she teases and tortures him by denying his orgasm until he pleads for a release.

103.Full Release with a Price-

Payton Hall is an experienced massage therapist who is skilled in the art of giving guys the best full release massages. Her technique is second to none. And Brad is no exception as he gets blindfolded, teased and eventually brought to an intense orgasm as evidenced by his big cumshot.

104.The Point of Explosion-

Brad is a spoiled brat but he’s about to meet his match in Kasey Storm a sweet looking but super mean masseuse who has no intention of being bossed around by any client. The hot blonde MILF is filling in for Brad’s regular therapist who has taken the day off and since he’s used to getting a happy ending with each session, he expects to get the same kind of treat today but the treat he gets is so much more intense than he bargained for.

105.Cum Too Hard-

Bella is a professional masseuse who loves her job. Furthermore, she is a really hot teen babe. When she realizes Brad uses to ask for happy ending every time he gets a massage, the blonde hottie goes mad and is going to do something for that. Bella ties this young man on the massage table and takes control. She dominates him, teases his cock head and ties his dick while jerking him off. Finally, she ruins his orgasm and leaves him tied and helpless.

106.Pleasure with Pain-

Chloe Skyy is a sexy teen masseuse who knows how to treat rude customers. Today, she is asked for a happy ending service and it takes just a few moments to her to tie her customer’s huge-sized cock and give him a painful handjob treatment. The brunette baby dominates this dude’s dick and finally ruins his orgasm.

107.Not So Gentle-

Kylie Rogue is one of the hottest masseuses in the city. Her sexy face and her hot body are the reasons for being sexually aroused by her customers almost every day. Today, the brunette hottie is asked to give her customer a happy ending massage, and she is glad to do so. She grabs his big-sized cock and gently strokes it, while enjoying being in control. Kylie teases this lucky dude while sensually jerking him off. Does she intend to give him a happy ending for real, or is she going to ruin his orgasm?

108.Cruel Happy Ending-

Crystal Orchid loves giving massages to people unless they are jerks. This time she is asked for a happy ending again, and she is going to do it her way. The teen masseuse is not going to disappoint her customer, however, she intends to make him pay for asking something like that. She ties his big-sized boner and dominates him while jerking him off. She orders him to shut his mouth and stop talking, while she is asking him to cum soon. Then, she ruins his orgasm and makes him regret for being such a jerk.

109.Teasing and Suffering-

Teen masseuse Kristen Love hates it when her customers arouse her. Today, she gets shocked when this bastard grabs her butt while she is massaging him and she is not going to forgive him. The blonde bimbo ties him down and dominates him while jerking his boner. Sadly, she does not intend to let the poor guy cum until he is really sorry for what he did. The young man is unable to move or touch this hot teen body and suffers while Kristen is teasing him and denies his orgasm again and again. Finally, the sexy babe ruins his orgasm and leaves him lying helpless on the massage table.

110.Moment of Orgasm-

Nothing excited John More than going in for some happy ending handjobs at the local massage parlor. Good thing for him Sarah Vandella is on the job. When he requests a happy ending things turn for the worst when She grabs his dick and ties it tight with rope while teasing it with her high heels. The dominant lady strokes his cock to the edge and ruins his orgasm.

111.Chad Finally Reaches The Edge-

Sheena Ryder is famous for her happy ending massages. When Chad White asks her to do to him whatever she did to his friend, the brunette lady does not waste her time. She ties his dick using her rope and dominates him for good. The dominant lady teases him and enjoys every moment of it, until he is about to cum. At that time, the merciless milf ruins his orgasm and feels proud of that.

112.Punished By Mom and Daughter-

Teen masseuse Amber is used to perverted clients lately. This time she is asked for an extra service, and she is not going to forgive her client for asking that. The blonde babe asks for Mrs Elaina’s help to punish this man, and the mature lady is more than happy to join her. The two masseuses tie that rude man on the massage table and give him a good reason to be gentle. They dominate him, squeeze his balls and painfully jerk his cock, until they finally ruin his orgasm.

113.Stroke It Out-

Isabella Gonzalez is a naughty teen masseuse who does not like perverted customers. Today she is asked for an extra service and she does not want to disappoint her client. While the perverted man is blindfold she uses her plastic sex toy to fuck his cock, making him think he is actually fucking her teen pussy. The cute masseuse makes this man cum for her but she is never going to let him know the truth. “Did my pussy feel good, you pervert?”

114.No Rush To Cum-

Brandon has made a huge mistake asking his new masseuse Tara Holiday for a happy ending. The dominant lady does not seem to bother, however, when she ties him on the massage table it seems things are not going well for him. The mature masseuse is going to enjoy punishing him, and this treatment will last long. The big-titted lady is jerking his huge-sized cock and teases him but she does not allow him to cum until he can’t hold it anymore.

115.Bust Between Her Boobs-

Raquel Raxxx is famous for her huge-sized boobs as well as for her massage skills. The mature masseuse welcomes Billy and starts giving him a great massage, until the young dude asks for something more… The naughty lady would never say no to a tip, so she uses her massage lube and strokes his big boner for good. The poor guy has no idea what is going to happen next, until he realizes this milf is not going to let him enjoy a release. The mean lady makes him regret for asking for a happy ending, and ruins his orgasm.

116.Total Cock Control-

Fred is lying on the massage table receiving a great massage treatment by Claudia Kealoha. The young man asks the experienced masseuse if she is able to give him a full body session, and to his surprise, the huge-titted Latina does not refuse. The brunette lady gives him an amazing cock massage treatment, using her both hands and big tits. The bad news is she does not allow him to cum unless she says so. The young dude is barely holding his cum for as long as possible. Is his mistress going to give him a cum permission soon?

117.Happy Ending Massage-

Professional masseuse Brianna gets angry when her new client asks for a happy ending massage. The dominant lady wants to make him pay for arousing her and she knows exactly how to do that. She straps him down and ties his balls and dick with rope and takes the upper hand as she teases, slaps and dominates this poor guy’s boner. The redhead hottie keeps humiliating this young guy and jerking his cock for a long time. Finally, she ruins his orgasm again and again, making him feel desperate.

118.Too Much Pre-Cum-

Britney Amber is a professional masseuse who likes kinky situations. The blonde sex bomb welcomes Mitch, her 2 o’ clock appointment and she has a special treatment in mind for him. The dominant lady notices her touches cause her client a hard on, so she decides to show him who is the boss here. She starts slapping and stroking his dick, and then, she uses rope to tie his erected boner tightly and teases it with her black leather boots. Finally, the blonde hottie ruins the poor guy’s orgasm and lets him lying on the massage table.

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