6587ghj76-black-1080p-mp4-00002 6587ghj76-conkers-1080p-mp4-00003 6587ghj76-needles-in-tanita-1080p-mp4-00006 6587ghj76-red-and-black-1080p-mp4-00003 6587ghj76-poppy-1080p-mp4-00007 6587ghj76-nerfdom-one-1080p-mp4-00003

All videos till the December 15th 2012.

120 clips | 720p/1080p | 171.69 GiB

For those unfamilar with Queensnake proceed with caution. I would descibe her as an extreme Self-Masochist, her videos feature her torturing her self with Nettles, Needles, Hot peppers, Tacks, Hot Wax, Toilet Brushes and more. And she goes beyond just torturing the outside of her body with these things she literally stuffs her pussy full of all sorts of unbelievable items including all the things listed above.

Many videos also feature some of her girlfriends receiving many of the same torments. Unfortunatly several of these girls are not the prettiest of women, but if you get off on watching the pain then it’s easy to overlook.

I know some of these videos have already been unloaded before and AnnFilly went through the effort of creating a parital site rip of all videos available at that time. And I thought about only uploading the new videos but not all of those videos where in the highest quality and some where split into multiple parts. But all of these are in HD 720 or 1080 and all full videos with no splits so I figured it would be better to just do a complete site upload.

I am QueenSnake. I would like you to know me not as an anonymous virtual creature but a real person who you can talk to about anything and anytime so I share you some information about my life.

First some simple facts. Now I live in Europe. I am a very tall girl, 180 cm (5’11″), skinny but muscular. Beyond BDSM lifestyle, I love to train my body with pretty heavy weights at the gym about three times a week (it is a kind of self-masochism for me considering the pain in my muscles). Naturist and nudist activity is one of my favorite pastime probably because of my exhibitionism, I love to walk and hike naked and I enjoy when I meet shocked and clothed people during these adventures. Sometimes you can meet me at online poker rooms too. I am interested in so many other things but I don’t want to bore you…

My nickname is came from my snake fanaticism, actually I do have a beautiful king snake and I am or at least I want to be a bit like a snake: strong, shocking, terrific, brave. I have been attracted by extreme and bizarre things since my childhood but I tried to hide those kinky desires and keep them inside until I met my master seven years ago and my exciting travel to the BDSM world has started. During this long journey I realized that my pain limits are very flexible and at some point the pain was converted to pleasure. Now I am still learning where my limits end up. The masochistic side is much more developed in me than the sadism, I could say I am 70 % masochistic and 30% sadistic. I think that knowing exactly what my slaves are feeling during the torments can make me a better mistress. The BDSM word has different meanings, for me it is not just about pain and pleasure but also creativity.

Our movies are really amateur movies, no professional technical environment, our scenes are spontaneous with hard pain and orgasms, no shooting scripts, my master is the cameraman, the photographer and the tormentor at the same time, the ideas come from my master and me, usually the most crazy ones (like Floralia, Nettle Spa) were born in my mind. Sometimes my girlfriend, Nazryana is involved in our seances but we are seeking new girls all the time.

A few words about my site. We started to sell BDSM movies at clips4sale.com in 2009. It was a good place to start and we were able to check if people are interested in our movies. Now I feel is the time to launch our own membership site. So my simple free site – that was designed and programmed by me as a noob webmistress – has to step to a higher level.

I hope to meet you and talk to you at least in my virtual BDSM world.


6587ghj76 – Screens.zip

6587ghj76 – Anchored – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Aqua – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Autumn Nettles – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Baby Conkers – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Bath Diver – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – BB Babe – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – BB Babe – Diamond – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – BB Babe – Tanita – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Black – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Black Angel – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Bonfire – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Bullseye – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Bullwhipped – Greta – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Burning Heart – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Catapult – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Catprod – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Cocoon – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Conkers – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Crimson Thorns – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Crocodile – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Cydonia – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Desert Heart – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Detention – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Easter Egg – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Electrider – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Essence of Agony – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Fill Her Up – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Fire Vixens – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – First Needles – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Floralia – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Forest Witch – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Free Kick – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Fucking Snowman – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Glass Table – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Green Hot Pepper-720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Hangers – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Hanging Aroung – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Happy Birthday – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Harp – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Helix – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Hot Rain – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Latex Night – Whipping – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Metayna – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Moulage – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Needles In Tanita – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nerfdom One – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nettle Jungle – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Nettle Lesbians – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nettle Rivulet – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Nettle Spa – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nettle Swing – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nettle Torture 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Nettle Vase – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nettle Virgin – Diamond – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Nettle Virgin – Greta – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – New Toys – 4 Whips – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – New Toys – Painful Electrons – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Nude In Mud – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Ophiuchus – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Pepper Lesbians – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Poor Christmas Tree – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Poppy – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Pret-A-Porter – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Puppy – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Puppy – Nazryana – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Puppy – Tanita – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Pussy Marathon – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Queensnake 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Queesnake – Computer Love – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Red and Black – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Rockbed Sunbath – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Rubber Band – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Rubber Duel – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Sacrifice – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Safe Vagina – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Santa Hunt – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Screw Nuts – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Sealed – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Sealed – Nazryana – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Sealed With Love – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Shards – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Sharon Meets Nettles – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Shore Pussy – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Short Snow Stories – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Short Snow Stories II – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Silver Mud – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Slingshot – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Snow Snake – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Sparking Tanita – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Spicy Luna – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Spikes – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Spiral – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Stapled Diamond – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Stinging Nettle Full – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Stonewomb – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Stonewomb – Nazryana – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – T-Brush – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – T-Brush – Nazryana – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Tack Carpet – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Tack Rider – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Tackrider – Luna – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – TackRider – Nazryana – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Tackrider – Sharon – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Tackrider – Tanita – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Tarantula – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – The Bait – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – The Dig – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – The Intruder – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Thistle Thirst – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Tit Tacks – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Turbines – 720p.wmv
6587ghj76 – Upside Down – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Vagina Tacks – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Valentina – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Vampire Clamps – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Wax Faktor – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Wide Open – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Witches Brew – 1080p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Workout – 720p.mp4
6587ghj76 – Wormhole – 720p.mp4