Latex Lucy & Kristien

Latex Lucy & Kristien

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This site features really hot babes who are dressed in those skintight rubber outfits and posing in a variety of seductive and dramatic ways. is a site dedicated to my journey into the world of latex and rubber fetish fantasies…

In my galleries and videos you can expect to see rubber outfits galore… with dildos, inflatables, vac-beds, rope bondage, latex bondage, fucking machines, medical play, sleep sacks, breath control, gags, masturbation, girl/guy play, girl/girl play, anal play, fucking in rubber, blow jobs, cum and lots more!!

Each week in my galleries and videos, I like to share with you my darkest latex fantasies and perhaps explore some fun ones that you suggest to me! What kind of latex scenarios make you horny? Got a favourite outfit you’d love to see me wearing? Or perhaps someone you’d like me to play with? Just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

If you become a member, you will also have the opportunity to book one-to-one webcam sessions with me and to chat to me. During this time I’ll dress in your favourite outfit and play with you on cam. You can even suggest a scenario/fantasy that you would like me to do for you. Check out the previews and the free pictures to see what I get up to when dressed head to toe in tight latex. See anything you like? All the real juicy stuff is just for my fans. See you in the members area…

Lucy X

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LLRP_A Fireside Fucking Pt1.avi
LLRP_A Fireside Fucking pt2.avi
LLRP_After Working Hours Pt1.avi
LLRP_After Working Hours Pt2.avi
LLRP_Afternoon in Latex.mp4
LLRP_An Evening Alone Pt1.avi
LLRP_An Evening Alone Pt2.avi
LLRP_An Evening Alone Pt3.avi
LLRP_At the Mercy of Ruby Rubber!.mp4
LLRP_Bathing in Latex.avi
LLRP_Be Prepared to Worship Lucy.mp4
LLRP_Bizarre Bath Encounter with Black Angelica.mp4
LLRP_Bound & Plugged.wmv
LLRP_Chained & Fucked.mp4
LLRP_Clear Rubber Doll Pt1.avi
LLRP_Clear Rubber Doll Pt2.avi
LLRP_Clinic of Sexual Satisfaction with Clanddi Jinkcego.mp4
LLRP_Country Walk.mp4
LLRP_Cum Slut Pt1.avi
LLRP_Cum Slut pt2.avi
LLRP_Custard Cream.avi
LLRP_Doctor Nurse Play.avi
LLRP_Double Dildo Fun pt1.avi
LLRP_Double Dildo Fun pt2.avi
LLRP_Double Dungeon Play Pt1.avi
LLRP_Double Dungeon Play Pt2.avi
LLRP_Electric Rubber.wmv
LLRP_Face Sitting Pt1.avi
LLRP_Face Sitting Pt2.avi
LLRP_Forced Orgasm.avi
LLRP_Garden Ornament.avi
LLRP_Good Morning Fuck.avi
LLRP_Good Morning Suck.avi
LLRP_Haughty, Busty, And Bizarre!.mp4
LLRP_Her Life as a Pet (Part 1).mp4
LLRP_Her Life as a Pet (Part 2).mp4
LLRP_Hot Rubberised Pussy.avi
LLRP_In the Dungeon.avi
LLRP_In the Water with Latex.mp4
LLRP_Jade Doll Pt1.avi
LLRP_Just Coolin Off.avi
LLRP_Kneel Before Latex Lucy!.mp4
LLRP_Latex and Tape pt1.avi
LLRP_Latex and Tape pt2.avi
LLRP_Latex Blowjob.avi
LLRP_Latex Lace Nylon.mp4
LLRP_Latex Lady in a Footlocker.mp4
LLRP_Latex Lady of Mystery.mp4
LLRP_Latex Lucy and the Rolls Royce.mp4
LLRP_Latex Lucy Serving His Latex Cock.mp4
LLRP_Latex Swim.avi
LLRP_Latex Threesome Pt1 – Double Blowjob.avi
LLRP_Latex Threesome Pt2 – Slut Holes Fucked.avi
LLRP_Latex Threesome Pt3 – Sleepsack Fuck.avi
LLRP_Latex Threesome Pt4 – Fucked Hard.avi
LLRP_Latex Threesome Pt5 – Bondage Cum Slut.avi
LLRP_Layers & Layers part 1.wmv
LLRP_Layers & Layers part 2.wmv
LLRP_Love Dressing Up pt1.avi
LLRP_Love Dressing Up pt2.avi
LLRP_Lubed Latex Pussy.mp4
LLRP_Lucy Controlled Pt1.avi
LLRP_Lucy Controlled pt2.avi
LLRP_Lucy Gets Wet.mp4
LLRP_Lucy Layers Up Part1.avi
LLRP_Lucy Layers Up Part2.avi
LLRP_Lucy’s Latex Ballet Studio!.mp4
LLRP_Lucy’s Rubber Play-thing.avi
LLRP_Lucys Detainment.mp4
LLRP_Lucys Favourite Toy.avi
LLRP_Lucys Latex Clinic pt1.avi
LLRP_Lucys Latex Clinic Pt2.avi
LLRP_Lucys Latex Clinic pt3.avi
LLRP_Lucys New Toy.avi
LLRP_Lucys Playtime Pt1.mp4
LLRP_Lucys Playtime Pt2.mp4
LLRP_Lucys Spanking.mp4
LLRP_Lucys Torment pt1.avi
LLRP_Lucys Torment pt2.avi
LLRP_Lucys TV Rubberdoll Pt1.avi
LLRP_Lucys TV Rubberdoll Pt2.mp4
LLRP_Lucys Xmas Pt1.mp4
LLRP_Lucys Xmas Pt2.mp4
LLRP_Lusts of Latex Ladies with Black Angelica.mp4
LLRP_Lusy Latex Shower.avi
LLRP_Lycra Latex Doll.avi
LLRP_Maid Lucys Punishment.mp4
LLRP_Medical Examination.mp4
LLRP_Mistress Lucy New Toy.mp4
LLRP_Naughty Lucy Pt1.avi
LLRP_Naughty Lucy Pt2.avi
LLRP_Obey the Latex Kitty (Part 1).mp4
LLRP_Obey the Latex Kitty (Part 2).mp4
LLRP_Penthouse Doll Pt1.avi
LLRP_Penthouse Doll Pt2.avi
LLRP_Pink Bondage Doll pt1.avi
LLRP_Pink Bondage Doll Pt2.avi
LLRP_Pink Passion Pt1.avi
LLRP_Pink Passion Pt2.avi
LLRP_Playtime Pt1.avi
LLRP_Playtime Pt2.avi
LLRP_Playtime Pt3.avi
LLRP_Plugged In Turned On.avi
LLRP_Pump It Up Pt1.avi
LLRP_Pump It Up Pt2.avi
LLRP_pumped pussy.avi
LLRP_Pumped Up Rubber Slave Pt1.avi
LLRP_Pumped Up Rubber Slave Pt2.avi
LLRP_Pussy Play.mp4
LLRP_Raunchy Rubber Spa Pt1.avi
LLRP_Raunchy Rubber Spa Pt2.avi
LLRP_Red Bondage Doll.avi
LLRP_Red Hot.wmv
LLRP_Red Rubber Ass.mp4
LLRP_Room 17.mp4
LLRP_Rubber and Cum Aroma.avi
LLRP_Rubber Clinic Pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubber Clinic Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Clinic Pt3.avi
LLRP_Rubber Doll Ballerina 1.wmv
LLRP_Rubber Doll Ballerina 2.wmv
LLRP_Rubber Doll in Bondage.avi
LLRP_Rubber Doll.avi
LLRP_Rubber Encased Ass Pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubber Encased Ass Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Encased Ass Pt3.avi
LLRP_Rubber Fun By the Pool 1.avi
LLRP_Rubber Fun By the Pool 2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Girlfriend.avi
LLRP_Rubber Love Pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubber Love Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Maid Lucy.mp4
LLRP_Rubber massage Pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubber massage Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Massage.avi
LLRP_Rubber Nurse Lucy Examination.avi
LLRP_Rubber Nurse Lucy Pt1.mp4
LLRP_Rubber Nurse Lucy Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Pussies pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubber Pussies Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Pussies Pt3.avi
LLRP_Rubber Pussies Pt4.avi
LLRP_Rubber Rain Shower.avi
LLRP_Rubber Sheath Pants Pt1.mp4
LLRP_Rubber Sheath Pants Pt2.mp4
LLRP_Rubber Skins.avi
LLRP_Rubber Strap On Pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubber Strap On Pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubber Workout pt1.wmv
LLRP_Rubberdoll Ballerina pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubberdoll Ballerina pt2.avi
LLRP_Rubberdoll Slave pt1.avi
LLRP_Rubberdoll Slave pt2.avi
LLRP_Self Bondage.avi
LLRP_Shiny Rubber Dolly pt1.avi
LLRP_Shiny Rubber Dolly pt2.avi
LLRP_Shiny Rubber Dolly Pt3.avi
LLRP_Shower Scene.mp4
LLRP_Snow Leopard.avi
LLRP_Soaking Wet.avi
LLRP_Spying on Lucy Pt1.avi
LLRP_Spying on Lucy Pt2.avi
LLRP_Strapped and Zapped Pt1.avi
LLRP_Strapped and Zapped Pt2.avi
LLRP_Strapped and zapped Pt3.avi
LLRP_Sunshine Rubberised Cock Pt1.avi
LLRP_Sunshine Rubberised cock pt2.avi
LLRP_Suspended Penetration!.mp4
LLRP_Table Bound pt1.avi
LLRP_Table Bound pt2.avi
LLRP_Tales Of The Latex Sex Asylum.mp4
LLRP_Tampering With the Damsel.mp4
LLRP_The Governess Pt1.avi
LLRP_The Governess Pt2.avi
LLRP_The Latex Avenger Strikes Again!.mp4
LLRP_The Patient.wmv
LLRP_The Power of Their Disguises.mp4
LLRP_Tightly Bound Lucy pt1.avi
LLRP_Tightly Bound Lucy Pt2.avi
LLRP_Trans on Black.avi
LLRP_Transparent Bondage.avi
LLRP_Transparent Latex Blowjob.mp4
LLRP_Transparent Rubber Dolls Pt1.avi
LLRP_Transparent Rubber Dolls Pt2.avi
LLRP_Transparent Rubber Dolls Pt3.avi
LLRP_Transparent Rubber Dolls Pt4.avi
LLRP_Transparent Sheet Play.avi
LLRP_TV Rubberdolls Torment pt1.avi
LLRP_TV rubberdolls torment PT2.avi
LLRP_TV rubberdolls torment pt3.avi
LLRP_Two Roles for Lucy.mp4
LLRP_Under 3 Layers.avi
LLRP_Under 6 Layers Pt1.avi
LLRP_Under 6 Layers Pt2.avi
LLRP_Under 6 Layers Pt3.avi
LLRP_Upside Down Latex Love Fest.mp4
LLRP_Vacbed Orgasm.avi
LLRP_Vacbed Play Pt1.avi
LLRP_Vacbed Play Pt2.avi
LLRP_Vacbed Play.mp4
LLRP_Vacbed Punishment.avi
LLRP_Washing Up Time.wmv
LLRP_Wet Hotpants.wmv
LLRP_Woodland Beauty.wmv