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This site is dedicated to the cheating housewives, girlfriends, and loved ones who simply cannot resist themselves, especially since their husbands, boyfriends, and lovers choose to ignore them and their needs… Will she if given the opportunity…??? And especially since she will never be caught, and he will never know what she has done… Will she cheat…??? You bet HER ass she will… 😛

Lonely teen slutwife fucks her ex-boyfriend

Yhivi’s attraction to older guys found her married far too young to a man with an ex-wife and kid. Her only purpose is to exist as arm candy for her husband’s corporate events or wait at home while he’s off playing Dad with his kid and ex-wife. The monotony being a trophy wife makes her nostalgic, thinking back on the times when she was young and hungry. Thoughts about her ex-boyfriend entice her to invite him over to “catch up”, the only thing she can think about after seeing him ride up like old times is that big cock of his and how good it felt inside her; this horny teen trophy wife will cheat!

Starring: Yhivi
Date Added: Sep 30, 2016
Video Length: 30:34

Slutwife realtor Britney Amber fucks famous football player’s BBC

Career woman Britney Amber has worked hard to be a top realtor in her city. Her success is paralleled by the absolute failure of a man she married, but it’s alright as her clients provide all the company she needs. Britney’s current client is her husband’s favorite football player, who’s really close to sealing the deal on a new home so long as he get’s the right incentives. Britney’s all about being hospitable and doing whatever it takes to make her clients satisfied, even if it means taking all 10-inches of cock inside her. Britney Amber has been planning this all along though, flashing her PAWG booty in Rob Piper’s face all day, hoping that he’ll be a real man and take charge of the situation. Britney Amber always had a thing for strong Black men and often fantasizes about wrapping her thighs around some BBC until he blows his load inside her so she can take it home and feed it to her husband. Watch Britney Amber enjoy Rob Piper’s big cock in this interracial slutwife sex scene from!

Starring: Britney Amber
Date Added: Sep 23, 2016
Video Length: 34:35

Slutwife realtor Luna Star will do anything to sell a house

Big Tit Latina Sensation Luna Star is working her magic on music producer (Sean Michaels) to sell him a mansion in the hills. After showing him and his big black cock round the house she realizes she might have bitten off more than she could swallow as he eats out her shaved taco, strokes his massive cock and stuffs it deep “south of her boarder” to seal the deal.. Enjoy Luna Star’s slutwife realtor interracial sex fantasy!

Starring: Luna Star
Date Added: Sep 16, 2016
Video Length: 29:48

Teen trophy wife cheats on her pathetic husband

All Natural Big Tit Brunette Melissa Moore decides to cheat on her husband with younger man Tyler who chokes and slaps her to a big orgasm on her hairy bush.

Starring: Melissa Moore
Date Added: Sep 9, 2016
Video Length: 28:08

Hotwife Karlee Grey gets stretched out by the personal trainer

Karlee Grey loves her husband, but this hotwife just can’t take being fucked by him anymore. Karlee’s husband used to be hot but he’s let himself go, and now he can barely get hard when they fuck. Karlee misses the feeling of an athletic man between her legs, hard cock stretching out her young pussy. The personal trainer has been giving her the right vibes and his body looks perfect, hopefuly he’ll be able to fuck Karlee Grey the way every hotwife deserves.

Starring: Karlee Grey
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 30:57

Latina Sabrina Cyns has an office affair

The way Sabrina Cyns’ husband talks about Daniel Smalls, how much of a valuable asset he is, makes Sabrina wonder what else those capable hands can do. Her husband has been too caught up in this big deal he’s working on to give Sabrina the type of sexual attention a hotwife Latina like her deserves. Sabrina and Daniel have been fucking around the office for over a month now and her incompetent husband is still clueless.

Starring: Sabrina Cyns
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 31:36

Nina Hartley fucks some sense into her personal assistant

Nina Hartley knows how hard it is to find good help now that she’s in charge of her husband’s company. Her lazy assistant Seth is always late and he’s either got to prove his worth or leave. Eager to earn his keep, Seth shows Nina just how hard he can work.

Starring: Nina Hartley
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 26:1

Hotwife Kaylani Lei fucks the photographer

With her marriage dimming, Kaylani Lei is willing to try anything to spice up her relationship. Her girlfriends told her about this amazing photographer who’s sexy photos have really saved their marriages so she books an appointment. Her photographer Shaun is a handsome mountain of a man, who’s eyes savor every inch of her hotwife body, the kind of carnal attention her husband rarely shows nowadays. Apparently Shaun’s talent for saving marriages has nothing to do with the size of his lense, but rather it’s his huge cock that earned him the nickname “tripod” amongst her girlfriends.

Starring: Kaylani Lei
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 32:08

Lyra Law cheats on fiance with massage therapist

Hotwife-to-be Lyra Law is nervous about getting married after only being with one man her entire life. Lyra’s maid of honor has arranged a special massage to put her wedding jitters at ease.

Starring: Lyra Law
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 34:56

Hotwife Katie Morgan has cheating fantasy

After discovering that her husband was having an affair, Katie Morgan needed to talk with someone about it; luckily her therapist was free. Katie’s therapist asks if she’s ever considered having an affair herself, and this horny hotwife begins to gush about her fantasy involving a big strong Black man who works as a massage therapist who relieves her tension with his big dick and a lot of lube.

Starring: Katie Morgan
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 33:45

Hotwife’s private workout with her personal trainer

“Hotwife Alix is tired of her inattentive husband. His lack of self-respect has left him in a pitiful state and just looking at him makes Alix sick to her stomach. Alix has noticed a hot young stud working at a local personal trainer gym so she decided to see if he’s as much of a man as she thinks. The story Alix gives is your standard trope: desperate housewife looking for attention, the usual formalities to get this typical male excited at the possibility of fucking someone else’s wife. Sure she’s playing with him, playing the part of a damsel in distress & athletic clothes, but Alix’s curvy body was built for fucking and she needs a good hard dick before she looses her mind. Hopefully this jock fuckboy is packing and knows how to fuck or else he’s wasting his time doing hip thrusts while working out.”

Starring: Alix Lovell
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 32:57

Alexis Fawx welcomes a new employee

It’s so draining for hotwife Alexis Fawx to see her useless husband, she never thought she’d be in charge both at work and home. The allure of a younger guy with a promising future really turns her on, and her new hire Tyler is exactly her type. Having Tyler’s confident hands all over her hotwife body reminds her what a real man feels like and how her husband is everything but. Alexis cant wait to have Tyler’s cum fill her mouth, his scent filling her nostrils, reminding her what masculinity tastes like.

Starring: Alexis Fawx
Date Added: Aug 17, 2016
Video Length: 31:19

Hotwife Dava Foxx fucks her massage therapist

Dava’s husband has been so busy at work that she’s left feeling neglected, both emotionally and sexually. She’s a hotwife who works out all the time to keep her body looking fine, but does he notice? Dava Foxx’s friend has been talking about this massage therapist who’s a pro at relieving all types of tension. Maybe this stranger will finally make her feel like a real woman again.

Starring: Dava Foxx
Date Added: Aug 8, 2016
Video Length: 37:20

Hotwife Kagney Linn Karter’s Interracial Massage

Hotwife Kagney Linn Karter is left home alone on her birthday by her ungrateful husband, this piece of shit doesn’t realize what a great piece of ass his hotwife is. Eager to relieve some stress, she heads outside only to be accosted by her horny neighbor Moe. Moe’s always hitting on her, playfully inviting her to come inside for some chill time, but this time she decides to take him up on his offer. She know’s what he’s got planned for her and the thought of what her husband would say if he knew she’d be sucking on his big fat Black cock before it goes balls deep inside her brings a smile to his face.

Starring: Kagney Linn Karter
Date Added: Aug 8, 2016
Video Length: 24:20

Hotwife Saya Song Dating App Hookup

Live has become boring for this recently married hotwife. Saya Song’s husband is always busy with work that he doesn’t have the time to make her feel like a woman. She’s recently heard of a hookup app for married people looking to have a casual encounter so she signed up to see what’s out there. A handsome Black man responded to her post so they decide to meet at her place. It was exciting to Saya, imagining what it would feel like having the hands of someone other than her husband grope her tight Asian body. Her hookup finally arrives and it’s time to live out those repressed sexual fantasies!

Starring: Saya Song
Date Added: Aug 1, 2016
Video Length: 26:42

Richelle fucks her husband’s friend

Queen of the castle, Richelle Ryan allowed her husband’s friend to stay with them on the condition that he serves as her personal trainer. Richelle’s body is in perfect shape, built for breeding, however her husband has been inattentive lately. It doesn’t help that Carlos has been busy banging gym whores in the house every night, leaving her annoyed and sexually frustrated. Today Carlos is supposed to be working on Richelle’s legs, but she’s eager to see what’s between his.

Starring: Richelle Ryan
Date Added: Aug 1, 2016
Video Length: 33:39

Mia Li’s deadbeat tenant pays the rent

Mia Li is a sexually frustrated hotwife who can’t stand the though of her husband giving other girl’s attention when he hasn’t fucked her for months. To make matters worse, his deadbeat friend has been living with them for a while without even once offering to pay rent. Infuriated she confronts him, only to find herself staring at his enormous cock bulging from beneath his tight jeans. Mia has heard the stories about how big it is, and she could sure use a good fuck to relieve some stress. If her husband wont fuck her, and his deadbeat friend is around, might as well make him useful and pay the rent “somehow”.

Starring: Mia Li
Date Added: Aug 1, 2016
Video Length: 30:03

Mercedes Carrera fucks her personal assistant

Mercedes Carrera is comfortable being in charge. She’s the head of her company and the head of her marriage, something that severely disappoints her. She thought he was a confident piece of man candy but her husband ultimately turned out to be a flaccid fiasco who’s tragic existence is only rivaled by his tragic performance in bed. Mercedes Carrera’s only comfort is in fantasizing about her new personal assistant. Tyler is a young buck with a great body and an eagerness to please that makes Mercedes all wet. It’s time she puts his pretty mouth to use, because what good is power if you don’t use it?

Starring: Mercedes Carrera
Date Added: Aug 1, 2016
Video Length: 31:08

Slutwife Lauren Phillips fucks her personal trainer

Slut wife Lauren Phillips can’t help the fact that she fantasizes about fucking all day long. Her latest infatuation is Johnny, the personal trainer at her gym, who’s got the body of Adonis. Lauren Phillips often thinks about how his cock would feel sliding into her redheaded hotwife pussy, his masculine scent all over her as he pumps cum deep inside her. Her clueless husband thought hiring Johnny would help his wife with her physique, but this personal trainer will be stretching Lauren out in ways her husband never could.

Starring: Lauren Phillips
Date Added: Aug 1, 2016
Video Length: 30:13

Horny housewife Lana Violet fucks a stranger

Marrying a slut and turning her into a housewife is the worse thing you could do, and Lana Violet’s husband made that wrong move a long time ago. This horny hotwife is stuck at home alone when a handsome Black man’s car breaks down outside. Being the good samaritan that Lana is, she calls for a tow and invites him inside to keep her company. Lana’s husband already thinks that she’s still a slut, so she might as well live up to the moniker and fuck this strangers brains out on the family couch. It’s what her husband wanted in the first place isn’t it?

Starring: Lana Violet
Date Added: Aug 1, 2016
Video Length: 28:57

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