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Welcome to XXX Pawn, All the girls in this site are not actors. They are real ladies that I fucked while working at my pawn shop. This is what really happens behind closed doors and I filmed it all in HD for you to enjoy these porn videos on my hardcore porn website.

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Tattooed Harlow gets needled and inked
Tattoos are cool, but not for me. I believe my body is my temple and you don’t put bumper stickers on muscle cars, you know what Im sayin’ . Well today this nice looking Harlett named Harlow came into the XXX PAWN SHOP, She came in looking to sell her tattoo gun, because she need to pay her rent and keep her tattoo business a float. I asked her where her business was she told me it was at inner circle. Something about that place seemed familiar. She had heard about the XXXPAWNSHOP and how quick and easy it was to get money here, so she attempted to get top dollar for her custom tattoo guns. Like I said I’m not a fan of tattoos, but Seeing them on Harlow was a treat she had a rocking body and I knew I had to get to see more of those things. After looking them once over I gave her a price I knew she wouldn’t like, just so I can snag her and lure her into my SEX DEN. Well Harlow is like a big fish and like any big fish she took the bait, but she fought the good fight. It took a lot of convincing to get her to the back room but once i got her back there I knew I had her in my clutches. so to speak. That’s when I pulled my move I offered her 200 to see the rest of her tats. Thats when she told me that her LANDLORD tried to pull the same move! WTF! THATS MY MOVE! That’s when I realized why that place was so familiar. Her landlord was a guy named STEVE, I fucked his wife a few years back and I guess he was trying to get revenge by stealing my girls. Well not in the XXXPAWNSHOP buddy. I quickly remembered that STEVE owed me money so I wouldn’t go out of pocket. So I offered Harlow 600 to let me fuck and BINGO that was the magic number. I got fuck Harlow, see all her tattoo and got to ink her a bit my self with my special white ink. Best part about it is I didn’t have to go out of pocket to do so. THANKS STEVE.
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SexTrade for a Laptop
Sometimes I take a day off, so I let my other coworkers run the XXX PAWN SHOP when I’m not around. Of course, this means that they have to make sure that people that come in shouldn’t think that they can pull a fast one on them because I’m not around to catch it. So when of course, this hot brunette walked into the XXX PAWN SHOP carrying a box full of phone cases (they were out of date from 2 years back), Victoria tried swindle us and asked to get them at a top dollar return or trade it in for one or our quality Laptops! Luckily, I trained this employee myself. He knew how to handle this hot brunette and get the best deal out of her. When he offered her the MANAGER SPECIAL ,he had her on the hook. She was intrigued into knowing more about what the XXX PAWN SHOP had to offer her. So he took her to the back and showed her how to earn that laptop. Victoria really earned it too, she sucked that dick and let my employee play with her pussy. Then he fucked Victoria on my desk, bent over doggy style showing off her fantastic ass. This was a good video to watch. I think that he definitely earned a positive mark when his review comes up.
16.09.17 victoria.SexTrade for a Laptop.mp4

Congo Hoe
When I was a little jit, I used to want to be in a bluegrass group. So when this girl walked into the XXX PAWN SHOP telling me she wanted to sell me some instruments, I was really excited. She told me her name was Kitty and she had instruments from her country that she needed to get rid of for some QUICK CASH. I was like great! This little American girl has some good country loving instruments. I was expecting a banjo, maybe a guitar or a fiddle. But what she brought in was useless foreigner BULL CRAP instruments. Whats worse is she wanted 800 buck for them. She told are she was DESPERATE because her family in Ecuador were about to lose their home. Well, being a fine RED BLOODED AMERICAN that I am, I quickly turned this situation to my advantage I told her that I would give her a 150 for her farmers tools, but if she come to the back office I would let her in on the REAL DEAL. If kitty wanted get another 650 to help out La familia back home she had to give up the KITTY… if you know what I mean. Just like that, negotiations came to a head when she started giving me head. Then, I closed the deal by fucking her like dirty little foreigner that she is, THE AMERICAN WAY. That’s how we do things here at the XXX PAWN SHOP.
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Getting OFF to keep the Lights ON
Things are getting out of hand here at the XXX PAWN SHOP!! Beautiful women keep coming in to make ridiculous deals for garbage items. Today, this gorgeous caramel beauty comes in trying to sell her great, great great grandmamas ring. This damsel in distress wanted $2000 dollars for some GODAWFUL old ring, no matter how old it was that thing was junk. But here comes Sean to the RESCUE!!! I was mesmerized by her huge TITS so I knew I had to get her back the office to make the REAL DEAL. She was hesitant at first, but i turned off the lights on her and showed hr what her future looked like. it was her choice suck some dick or go home to a house with no power. She was sucking dick within seconds. The rest of the SEX was POWERFUL here at the XXX PAWN SHOP.
16.08,06 Raven Redmond. getting OFF to keep the lights ON.mp4

8 Clams for the clam
So Big Mike wakes me up from one of my patented midday naps here at the XXX PAWN SHOP.. I was hoping he finally made a substantial sale. But instead it was for some BULL CRAP ..that eventually turned into a solid deal with some polishing. I guess sometimes you CAN polish a turd. So this big breasted chocolate beauty starts talking about pawning her car…i try to tell her I’m no longer in the automotive business, but she wasn’t having it. She convinces me to check out her broken down ride, but all I wanted is a better look at her airbags, that’s XXX PAWN SHOP code for TITS, if you catch my drift. So the car was a limited edition POS, piece o’ Shit. It was old,rusty and rundown. But she was hot as fuck so i took the deal back to the office to make a deal on her not the car. She needed $800 clams for her mom’s surgery..nothing serious…and she said she would have the money back in a month. I gave her a better deal: wax my pole, let me titty fuck and split her clam and she can walk out with all the cash. Shit went down, this chick knows how to fuck. Enjoy!
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Swallow My Sword
I’m at it again everybody. This time around a beautiful young brunette walked into the XXX PAWN SHOP trying to pawn a Katana, for those of you who don’t know its one of them’ fancy Japanese swords. I’ve been a fan of KUNG RF movies since back in the day so I know a thing or two about these swords. So when she pulled out this cheap knock off, I knew I had her. I just had to see how desperate she was for CASH. LUCKILY FOR US, she was one desperate lady. After I had tested out the SWORD by chopping up a pair of watermelons, the real fun began. I took her to my office, did some negotiating and then I split her open like I did the watermelons, with my meat sword. Enjoy this XXX PAWN SHOP everyone, its a CLASSIC!!

Fucking Frenchy For A Flight
Bon jour friends. Its me Sean, your friendly neighborhood XXX PAWN SHOP owner and pornographic movie maker. Today i got one hell of an episode for you guys. So we get a knock at the door, and its the sexy brunette with one strange accent, I though she was one of them Cajun girls from down there in the Bayou, but it turns out she was from France. I never had me some pussy from across the pond so thats when I turned up my charm, cause i wanted her to have a taste of my French Baguette. But first we had to take care of some business. She pulled out a case full of watches, that she basically stole from her ex-boyfriend, you know I heard that story before. She basically needed a ticket back to her homeland and we worked out a deal. The sex was wild, shit got crazy. I definitely need to get some more international pussy here at the XXX PAWN SHOP. Enjoy until next time.
16.06.25 Fucking Frenchy For A Flight.mp4